In a couple of hours we’ll be heading off to catch our trains to Narita Airport. And we’ll be home before we even leave the airport. I love how that works.

We’ve loved our suite at the Hakone Hyatt, where we’ll soon have breakfast in our little nook overlooking the surrounding hills. Fuji-san pokes her head up over the wooded hills out our living room windows. We both feel so blessed to have had such clear weather these last 3 days in Hakone.

Yesterday we spent as long as we could stand it in the beautiful onsen here at the hotel. We were talking about coming back one of these days on a 3 day stopover from Narita and maybe do a spa package. Wouldn’t that be fun.

Here’s my parting shot from our room here. This picture was taken yesterday morning as the clouds came in to cover it most of the morning.

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